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Pamplona Tours Reviews from Past Clients

Our focus is on making guests happy with the best tour experience in Pamplona. It’s not just a package, it’s an experience. We live and celebrate the festival with you from Opening Ceremonies to the last run. Read reviews from past Running of the Bulls clients over the years below.

Charles Bohanan
2019 Client

Bucket List events did a great job organizing groups for this year’s running of the bulls. All of the trolls posting reviews on this page without having actually experienced the company are misplacing their complaints. The San Fermin Festival has been around for centuries. You may have a problem with the event, but don’t take it out on Bucket List Events. BLE provided us with excellent information before and during the event. The hotel, the hosts for balcony viewing, the food, the drinks, the coordination for those who wanted to run — all well organized. I am glad I took advantage of their services rather than trying to go on my own — I would have never been as successful. I would not hesitate to experience another event with them.

April Martinez
2019 Client

Bucket List events did a great job organizing groups for this year’s running of the bulls. All of the trolls posting reviews on this page without having actually experienced the company are misplacing their complaints. The San Fermin Festival has been around for centuries. You may have a problem with the event, but don’t take it out on Bucket List Events. BLE provided us with excellent information before and during the event. The hotel, the hosts for balcony viewing, the food, the drinks, the coordination for those who wanted to run — all well organized. I am glad I took advantage of their services rather than trying to go on my own — I would have never been as successful. I would not hesitate to experience another event with them.

Jennifer Perry
2019 Client

Possible to give more than 5 ⭐️s???!!I can’t say enough great things about our experience with the Bucket List Events team and our time at the San Fermin festival. From the initial outreach to the warm goodbyes and personal messages thanking us within days of us leaving, every detail and task was well thought out as well as thoughtful. We received plenty of detailed information leading up to our arrival, and lots of personal goodies once we checked-in. I personally found the tour to be way better than expected. The team gave us so much history and info on the city of Pamplona, the festival and the course. So glad we flew in on two wheels to make it the night before our run! We will definitely be back with the help of Bucket List Events!

Florence Tyson
2019 Client

5 stars! I randomly picked this group off the internet and hit the jackpot. They corresponded with me with details up to the date of our event. They were always available on the telephone for my questions. Very organized. A great way to see an event and let someone else handle the details. Wonderful, friendly staff. Will use this group again. Highly recommend!

Michaela Fields
2019 Client

Bucket List Events made the the San Fermin Festival (2019) truly a bucket list experience!!! They put us in the BEST hotel. The breakfast and house keeping were amazing, and it is the same hotel the matadors stayed at. They also had some fantastic balconies available for us to view from. Not only from Estafeta street, but also Dead Man’s Curve! The staff was always available to answer any and every question, and they were a blast to hangout with! They booked us great dinners and had great recommendations on other places to try. I would definitely recommend booking with Bucket List Events, they go above and beyond to meet every need. It was an amazing experience!

Ashley Estrada
2019 Client

Hands down the best experience I could have imagined!! We did the 2 night stay with balcony viewing. The walking tour was amazing, Toby and everyone else had so much information for us, while also getting to know some of the other guests and making great friends! The balcony was AMAZING!! The owner made a delicious breakfast and the view was better than I could have imagined! The hotel was very nice and within walking distance to the festival without being loud. We are already talking about coming back with bucket list events!!! If you are at all wanting to visit running with the bulls, definitely book with them!!

Lucas Gibb
2019 Client

Had an amazing time! As a person who wanted to experience this very old tradition this company did everything I would have expected and much more. The staff’s energy and optimism throughout the several days I was in Pamplona was what made the trip so special. Thank you!!

Timmy Lebaron
2019 Client

Bucket List Events was amazing and cannot oversell their effort and accommodations during the Running of the Bulls 2019. They absolutely lived up to their name. Toby, Katie, and staff were incredible and would def use them again!!! Absolute 🔥 of a group of people who def make the experience memorable beyond expectations!

Joyce Yates
2019 Client

We had an amazing time with Toby and team. They made the experience seamless and smooth. We did 4 days in Pamplona and 2 in San Sebastián. The hotels we stayed at were great! We were thankful to have the hotel in Pamplona away from the party scene. They made sure we had all the information we needed to participate in the bull run safely. The 2 days at San Sebastián were a nice way to end a great and exciting adventure. All the guides were very friendly and responsive. Highly recommend doing the tour versus going on your own. You will get way more out of it. It also takes the stress away from trying to figure out all the logistics. Thank you Toby and team!!

Mark Shevick
2019 Client

Always wanted to experience the Running of the Bulls. Toby and his team did a fantastic job and were with us every step of the way to maximize the experience. The balcony locations to see the opening festivities (Chupinazo) as well as the balcony locations on Estafeta Street & Dead Man’s Curve were incredible. I highly recommend Bucket List Events.

Spencer Kiernan
2019 Client
Exceeded my expectations. The staff were very helpful and organized. Everything was well planned to ensure we enjoyed the experience of a lifetime. Will not hesitate to recommend Bucket List Events to others and look forward to booking more experiences with them in the future.
Thanks again Toby and crew, really a top notch experience.
Helen Lopez
2019 Client

What an amazing experience! There were so many things to do and see at the Running of the Bulls. Bucket List Events was awesome and gave travelers so many options. THANK YOU! I would go again!

Ryan Hensley
2019 Client
If you’re in to having a good time, not worrying about any aspect of your trip, and making unbelievable memories, then your best bet is Bucket List Events! Running with the bulls was OUTSTANDING!!! Every member of the staff was amazing and extremely accommodating! I had a blast and would HIGHLY recommend Bucket List Events to anyone! Do yourself a favor and get with them for your next trip, you won’t be disappointed!
Michael Holsapple
2019 Client

I booked by trip to Pamplona, Spain to run with the bulls through Bucket List Events. I strongly suggest Bucket List Events as they were amazing. Thank you Toby, and the whole staff, they made our experience unbelievable and couldn’t of done it without them. Everything they do is to give you the best experience, I can’t say how much they helped, made the trip and the run incredibly easy, well getting there, the run they couldn’t help with as there are a dozen bulls running at you. However, if you have questions on whether to use them, do use them, you will not regret it. My wife and I can’t wait to book another trip through Bucket List Events, we are life time customers now and truly happy and exited for our next trip through them.

Flois Aranas
2019 Client
I was very surprised at the quality of service that Toby and his group provided for my wife and I. Running with the Bulls with them was by far the best decision made in terms of planning the trip to Pamplona. I recommend and mention them when I retell my story of running with the bulls.
Brian Forsythe
2019 Client

We could not have been more impressed with Bucket List Events during the Running of the Bulls this past summer. Toby and his staff were exceptional. They were knowledgeable, accommodating, fun, and very inclusive. It was an unforgettable experience, with great memories and great people to share it with. I will look forward to checking more items off my Bucket List with this company!!

Maddox Lamme
2018 Client
Joining Bucket List Events in Pamplona for the San Fermin festival was hands down the best experience I could have ever imagined and then some!!! Toby and all of his team exhibited the highest level of hospitality while showing all of us how to fully embrace the amazing culture in this city and during the festival. I would 1000% recommend anyone planning their travels to Pamplona to reach out to Toby with Bucket List. It will be an adventure you will never forget!!! ¡Viva San Fermin!
Simone Mamo
2018 Client

A HUGE thank you to Toby & Rich (& all the ladies) from bucket list events… these guys made our run with the bulls experience run so very guys went above & beyond to provide an AWESOME experience.. we had such a blast along the way..meeting beautiful people who loved life . it was a blast meeting you all!!… 🍸🍷🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃

Brian Bates
2018 Client
After careful research I chose this group to take 14 of my friends to Pamplona to experience the Running if the Bulls!! Throughout the process Toby was there to answer any and all questions I had for my group. Once we arrived everything was organized and communicated well and had an amazing experience from start to finish! If you are looking for a tour group to use I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company and it’s employees!! Thanks again for such a great trip for me and my friends!!!
Chris Johnson
2018 Client

Awesome time in Pamplona with an amazing team from Bucket List. We highly recommend Toby and his team.

Amy Golden
2018 Client
Showed great interest in what they were doing & a very fun, personable group! Definitely helped ease the stress of possible goring hahaha! Did take their advice, ran with it & survived 🤗😆 Definitely plan on doing Pamplona again! Thanks for a great time Toby & team!
Steven Yankiver
2018 Client

Great Experience! Well organized. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Many pleasant surprises. Money very well spent. Highly recommended! Looking forward to do other bucket list events with you.

Brendan Hastings
2018 Client
Toby & co. put together an incredible Pamplona experience for a large group of us. Can’t recommend them enough.
Gordon Z
2017 Client

Our experience with Bucket List Events was all we hoped for, and the running with the bulls amazing. Pamplona is a fun town food and lodging excellent. Toby and the bucket list team were on top of everything and very knowledgeable. Amazing trip!!!

Trevor M
2017 Client

If you’re thinking of doing Running with the Bulls anytime soon I highly recommend you contact Toby and his team at Pamplona Tours. I had a sensational time at Pamplona and met some really great people who I remain friends with today. Toby and his team organised everything whilst I was there. so I had to worry about nothing and just enjoyed all the things that they arranged.

Everything we did was really well organised, enjoyable and everything that should be done in your time in Pamplona. Highly recommend.

David S
2017 Client

My wife and I have booked tour groups all over the world and the group at Pamplona Tours was without a doubt the best group we have gone anywhere with. Through the booking process and approach to the trip they were very responsive. Once in Spain their attention to detail and their excitement could be seen in everything we did. This is a wonderful group that we will certainly use again!

Ashley B
2017 Client

The Pamplona Tours team were hands down the best, funniest, and on-the-ball team I have ever planned anything with! They had our events well planned out, orchestrated on time and thought out. The staff were all so great and made this vacation a memorable one! Use this company, you won’t regret it!

Brett and Liz K
2017 Client

We booked a trip with Pamplona Tours to Run With the Bulls for 2017. It was the best decision we could have made. Our experience doing the event and being guided by Toby and his team was amazing. They put together a first-rate package that was flawless. They were knowledgeable, accommodating and very friendly. We bonded right away and the fun began! They showed us the town, arranged great meals, and were available whenever we needed them. They were never without ideas and suggestions and took charge to be sure we all had a good time. Our group of ten highly recommends Pamplona Tours for the chance to Run With The Bulls!

Vlad E
2016 Client

I recommend the Bucket List Events group for the Running of the Bulls.  They have the whole experience down to a science.

Thom T
2016 Pamplona Client

I wanted to thank you for a great experience. I will highly recommend your company to others who are interested in such memorable events.

David C
2016 Client

The Bucket List Events team provided an amazing professional and personalized experience, and did so in a relaxed setting that allowed everyone to have a great time while feeling comfortable throughout. We look forward to enjoying another Bucket List event with them down the road as they made it so easy for us to focus on enjoying – and surviving (!) —  the running of the bulls.

Nikki M.
2016 Client

The crew at Pamplona Tours were totally excited, friendly, informative and fun. It was clear from the first minute that they truly wanted us to enjoy our trip and went above and beyond.  The customer service continued even after we got back to the States. I would have no reservations about booking with them again or recommending them to my friends.

Shaun P
2016 Client

Crazy organized with 100% effort in our comfort. Our large group, consisting of two families, participated in the running of the bulls in Spain.  Toby and crew made us and all parties with us feel completely involved in the festival. Could not be more pleased. We would use them again in a heart beat.

Monika T
2016 Client

We booked a Running of the Bulls package with Pamplona Tours and the customer service we received was beyond imaginable!  They answered all of our questions before the trip in a timely manner.  Once we met the Staff in Pamplona, they were super friendly and helpful.  They went above and beyond to make sure we had an amazing time.  They suggested places to eat and things to do.  They brought food and drinks to the bullfight for us (didn’t even know that was part of the package!) The balcony we watched the run from was in a great location.  They even offered to film and take pictures of events for us so we could just take in the experience and enjoy it!  Who does that??!!  They were very knowledgeable about the festival and the culture and they treated us like family-they were super fun to hang out with.  This was a great experience for us and I would book with them again in a heartbeat!

A. Gattuso
2015 Client, Aubrey, TX

Thank you all for giving us the time of our lives. We had a blast! We will be planning more trips with you!

R. Marchi
2015 Client, Mechanicsburg, PA

This package is a MUST if you want to have the full experience of Pamplona and the San Fermin Festival. You get a taste of everything from the bull run to the bullfight to the food to the history of San Fermin. This was our first trip and we are already talking about returning next year with a larger group. Thank you Toby, Maureen, and Alex. You and your tour are the greatest!

T. Lilljedahl
2015 Client, Austin, TX

This trip was something I had wanted to do for 20 years. I had high expectations going in wanting it to be a trip of a lifetime, because for me it possibly could be the only time I did this. The staff was wonderful and we left with the trip living up to all the high hopes and expectations I had going in. They were fun and friendly and made us feel like we were traveling with our own friends from home. It was a wonderful experience and your company should be proud of the product you put out, and the staff you have representing you. Wonderful trip.

The Cardwells
2015 Client, Lockhart, TX

Thanks to the Pamplona Tours team, true aficionados, for making this a trip of a lifetime. Their guidance helped us maximize our cultural understanding of the encierro, and his passion for Festival San Fermin is absolutely infectious. Further, the apartment balcony on Calle Estafeta is in the perfect location, and in retrospect, absolutely critical to gaining the full Pamplona experience. I’d recommend Running of the Bulls with BucketListEvents to anyone with an appetite for adventure, or anyone with a pulse.

M. Rachel
2013 Client, Athens, TX

Trixie, Toby, and Raffi were fantastic hosts-hostess! I was part of the last group of the Festival and they “had” to be tired, but they never slowed down. They stayed up with whomever wanted to until whenever…late and were up early – smiles – good attitude and pleasant to be around. This group catered to our every need. I was bringing over my uncle over here here to experience a “bucket list priority” and I truly feel he had a bucket list time. Thank you for the hospitality, and will recommend you to all of my friends.

S. Pfeuffer
2013 Client, Los Angeles, CA

Our trip to 2013 Pamplona for the annual San Fermin Festival and Running of the Bulls was amazing! The team at Pamplona Tours was incredibly thorough in setting up and executing a delightful trip. It was well organized and our guides knew the area and the best places to visit. The balcony where we viewed the running was perfectly situated, and we couldn’t have asked for a better view. We were also able to meet new friends that we will no doubt remain in contact with for many years to come. I commend Pamplona Tours on crafting and hosting an unforgettable experience. I will definitely use Pamplona Tours for any future adventures that may arise!

S. Cestero
2014 Client, Austin, TX

Pamplona Tours will make sure you have a once in a lifetime experience in Pamplona. The staff really knew the ins and outs of the festival and always kept the group entertained. Above all, the view of the bull run from the VIP balcony (and, of course, actually running with the bulls) was absolutely unforgettable.

S. Koltun
2014 Client, Regina, SK, Canada

Toby, Matt, Jane and Rachel were the best guides we could ever have imagined. Our group of four from Canada had nothing but the best experience! We will recommend your company to all of our friends. Book with BUCKET LIST EVENTS- YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

P. Beliles
2014 Client, Baton Rouge, LA

We had a blast! The Pamplona Tours staff was a lot of fun to hang out with during our stay. They were very informative of the festival and answered any questions that we had. They went above and beyond to help us out with the other aspects of our trip. The views from the balconies were amazing and there was plenty of room for everyone to get a good viewing! We will definitely be looking to book more with Bucket List Events in the future. Thanks for the great experience guys!

B. Wilson
2014 Client, Sarasota, FL

Ludus did a great job setting expectations for my trip and then went out of their way to exceed them. Normally I book travel accommodations and activities myself, but having a knowledgable staff on-site added value that is hard to quantify. They knew the best places and more importantly when to go. Looking back, I know I would have missed half the experiences if I booked on my own. I would highly recommend Ludus tours to those that want to maximize their travel experience.

A. Zelasko
2013 Client, Houma, LA

Taking part in the 2013 Running of the Bulls was an experience of a lifetime! The staff at Bucket List Events went above and beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend this company for any event or vacation you are planning to take. I will certainly use Bucket List Events in the future and l look forward to partying with these guys again!

*Adam came with us to Oktoberfest 2014

C. Ellison
2013 Client, Houston, TX

Thank you guys for such a wonderful experience. Bucket list has been checked and couldn’t have done it without you.

M. Hancock
2013 Client, Dallas, TX

No words can truly describe the experiences of this trip. I had a great time this week! Thanks for everything and I’ll see you at the Masters.

Jim Marron
2007 Client

It was a long time desire of mine to go to Pamplona and it was more exciting and fun than I had hoped for. You and all of your crew made it seem like a family outing, and your care and concern for us was outstanding. The apartment on the street where the bulls run was ideal and in a great location, along with the food and drink.

Cheryl & Keith Varnado
2007 Client

You guys did a great job of showing us all the great action in Pamplona! We had an absolute blast while we were there, and our girls loved hearing our stories of the wild and crazy people that we saw. Thanks!

Jeremy Bartz
2007 Client

I have traveled to many places and have used a variety of travel companies. Everyone at [Bucket List Events] made sure that my friends and I got the most out of our trip during our stay with them. We got to experience things at the San Fermin festival that would have not been possible using other resources.<!– The accommodations that are provided were first class and so were all of the people. It felt like we were traveling with a group of friends rather than being escorted around by tour guides. Not only did my friends and I get the trip of a lifetime, but we also added some friends of a lifetime.

Peter Nguyen-Brown
2007 Client

[Bucket List Events] made our recent holiday the best vacation we could have imagined with their fantastic management and local knowledge. We can’t wait for our next adventure with the team!

Shari Sidransky
2008 Client, Tucson, AZ

Our stay in Pamplona was amazing! The hotel was very nice and we were situated not too close to the noise, but not too far from the festival. The staff was highly knowledgeable and attentive to our needs, and the balcony for the viewing of the Running of the Bulls was in the perfect spot. Our experience was unforgettable!

Vinnie DePinto
Somerset, NJ

We had a great time in Pamplona – everything was perfect, right down to the sangria bath I got the first day of the festival! I would highly recommend Ludus Tours to my friends. You guys did a great job!

Manny San Juan
2009 Client, Puerto Rico

The Ludus Tours folks did a fantastic job during our trip to Pamplona for the San Fermin Festival. They were enthusiastic, knowledgeable hosts who made a point of getting to know us and making us feel especially cared for. They knew all the best ways to have fun at San Fermin, and thus significantly enhanced an already remarkable experience. When it came time to go, we felt like we were saying goodbye to lifelong friends.

Daniel Dobbs
2009 Client, Los Angeles, CA

Without [Bucket List Events], I know I would have missed out on so much of the Pamplona experience. I definitely felt like I had the inside track on everything!

2014 Client

The Ludus team put on an amazing show. Everything was well planned out. All of our questions were answered. I never really expected that I would get out there and run with the bulls! I can now check that one off the list and got to do it in style. I felt the rush without feeling truly endangered thanks to team’s advice!