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Pamplona’s Peñas

Having lived in Pamplona all my life, I firmly believe there is no sound more characteristic of San Fermines than the one of the Pamplona Peñas. You can’t miss them. When you are walking down the street in Pamplona during the San Fermin and suddenly find yourself surrounded by a tumultuous group

Fireworks during the San Fermin Festival

Pamplona doesn’t mess around when it comes to their fireworks. They have a reputation to uphold. Fireworks have been a part of the San Fermin since the 16th century, and as the technology has improved, so have the shows. Today, the teams use digital technology to coordinate their programs, and

Music at the Running of the Bulls

It’s been a while since the organizers of the San Fermin festivals made the emotional announcement that there would not be a 2020 edition. In honor of our fallen festivals, we wanted to share some of the songs that help create the ambiance surrounding the respective celebrations. The San Fermin

Camino de Santiago Guide – The Packing List

Ultimate Camino de Santiago Guide – The Packing List During the Summer of 2019, two guides from Bucket List Events took 33 days to walk the entire Camino de Santiago path. That’s literally 500 miles. It was an experience worth sharing with others, so that’s exactly what they did. Over

Running with the Bulls for Rookies

Hi, my name it Toby, and I’m in love with Running with the Bulls. There, I’ve admitted it. It started out as most first dates do: anticipation, nervousness, butterflies, endless unsolicited advice from friends…but after our first encounter was over, I knew it was meant to be. Half a decade

Camino de Santiago – The Cliff Notes

Camino de Santiago – The Cliff Notes Did you know that the Camino de Santiago runs right through the Running of the Bulls course? And we mean, right through it. Before we share information on this extraordinary tradition of the region, we should point out that our company does not organize trips

Food Tour in San Sebastian

Food Tour in San Sebastian   San Sebastian…a town of costal food, shopping, hiking, meandering, and so much more. Personally, the food alone was enough of an attraction to make a day trip worth while. Our clients add a similar experience while joining us in Pamplona during San Fermin. Some

Top 10 Things about the San Fermin – #10 – Plaza del Castillo

10) The Plaza del Castillo The main social square of the old town, this plaza is host to a plethora of famous bars, restaurants, clubs, and casinos. This area was the main haunt of Ernest Hemingway, and every business seems to claim that they were his favorite! If you are

Suit Up! Your Running of the Bulls Outfit

What do you wear for the Run of your Life? Pamplona’s Traditional Running of the Bulls Costume of course! Like any great festival, tradition and legend surround the Festival of San Fermin. A legend of martyrdom and community tell the story of how Pamplona’s most famous festival and its traditional outfit

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