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Nonstop Fun at the San Fermin Festival, Pamplona

Nine Days of Non-Stop Fiesta – You Have to See it to Believe It!

The Festival of San Fermin begins at noon on July 6th with a boisterous celebration and ends with a somber candlelit event at midnight on July 14th, and there is little let-up in between. For exactly 204 hours, the party operates at a breakneck in the heart of Pamplona, Spain between the Old Town and the Citadel Park. There are parades of the Giants, wood chopping competitions, folk dancing, music, parades, and firework extravaganzas all week long.

The festival honors San Fermin, the patron saint of the city as well as the co-patron saint of the Region of Navarra. In the third century A.D. he was beheaded while trying to spread Catholicism in Amiens, France. The festival which honors San Fermin first began in 1591.

festivities begin at noon

The festivities begin at noon on July 6th at the Town Hall Square; this celebration is known as the Chupinazo. Champagne is sprayed all around; if you’re crammed into this square with the party-goers, beware of getting soaked by the champagne. This may sound like fun for you but you have to be comfortable with crowds as its tighter and more crammed than any concert you’ve attended! If this isn’t your cup of sangria, then simply walk a few steps away from the square in any direction or on the main square, Plaza Castillo, and you can watch the Opening Ceremony on the Big Screen. Take note to keep any money, cameras, passports, credit cards, etc. out of your pockets while passing through the crowds as thieves flock to the main square to attempt to pick-pocket tourists, especially those who are rather inebriated!

festivities go on for nine days

The festivities go on for nine days with a running of the bulls or an encierro on July 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. The Closing Ceremony is at midnight on July 14 at the Town Hall Square. This event is less rowdy as the Chupinazo and includes a candlelight vigil.