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Pamplona Bullfight Tickets Included our Standard Packages

Pamplona bull fight tickets, a rich tradition during the festival, are part of your package, but we would like to set the correct expectation. The bulls do die during the fight, and the scene isn’t always well received by everyone. These events are deeply rooted in Spanish culture, and the crowd is traditionally boisterous and have a good time. Tickets are often very tough to come by, but are part of each one of our packages.

So, you have just watched the bulls run in the morning (the encierro) at 8 AM and you are now attending the bullfight (thecorrida) in the afternoon. Specifically for the San Fermin Festival, the best matadors of Spain are brought to Pamplona to take part in the ceremonial bullfight. The bulls are carefully selected specimens. Six bulls run in the morning and (sadly) all six of them will be the showcase of the bullfight that afternoon. In the morning encierro, a few small cows adorned with cow bells lead the bulls into the stadium that morning but do not participate in the bullfight.

fun and joyous.

To start, everyone who attends a bullfight dresses in the traditional white shirt and white cotton pants. The stadium is divided into the sol and the sombra side (the sun and the shade). Customarily, the sombra side is more serious and reserved and the sol side is more youthful, fun and joyous.

The bullfight is an event

In your quest for a seat you might find that the number on your ticket has been taken. Therefore you squeeze in next to some friendly Spaniards and hit it off immediately as amigos. Before you know it, Pablo and Silvia are sharing their picnic with you: bocadillos or baguette sub sandwiches, abondigas or meatballs, and of course everything is washed down with some red or rose wine (vino tinto o vino rosado). 

The bullfight itself is an event that many people take very seriously. Six well known matadors or bullfighters take the ring one at a time to take the field. They battle it out until the next matador comes into the arena. This happens six times. By the end of the event, you’ll have survived the grueling battle with the bulls and you’ll have enjoyed the scene as a spectator. If this is something that’s not for you, then let us know and you do not have to take part in it.