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2022 Mid Festival Package – San Fermin

Four Nights in Pamplona

Sample Itinerary – Please note activities may vary by a day

July 8

Arrival of party into Pamplona

Arrival of party into Pamplona, personal hotel welcoming by Pamplona Tours Staff
Orientation of Pamplona and San Fermin Festivities

P.M. Spanish happy hour with local wine and tapas (or pinchos as they are called in this part of Spain) at Los Burgos de Iruña

July 9

participate in the run

A.M. Enjoy breakfast and watch the Running of the Bulls from a balcony OR participate in the run
P.M. Traditional Spanish Welcome Dinner at a local restaurant.

July 10

A real bullfight

P.M. Attend a real bullfight at the Pamplona stadium

July 11

Enjoy the festival

Free Day – enjoy the festival on your own. Consider spending the day in San Sebastian, a beach town about an hour north of Pamplona. Your staff will be happy to assist in planning a day trip, and even offer some restaurant suggestions.

Mid-Festival Package (July 8-12, 2022)

Hotel arrangements

4 Nights Hotel arrangements

Happy Hour

Tapas Happy Hour

Our balconies

2 Mornings on our balconies

Traditional San Fermin

Traditional San Fermin red scarf and bandana


Banquet dinner


Walking tour

Walking tour of the Bull Run route



Experienced on-site guides


bull fight

Evening spent at the bull fight

Family friendly portion of the San Fermin

If you and your party are looking for a more family friendly portion of the San Fermin, we suggest you consider these portion of the festival.

What’s different about the Mid-Festival Dates?

Looking to attend the San Fermin, but aren’t looking to party through the night? We would recommend you consider the middle portion of the festival. Don’t get us wrong – there is still a lot of fun to be experienced throughout the city, but you are able to do so with a bit more leg room. This particular package is structured around having more free time during your stay in Pamplona to take in the city and some of its incredible surroundings. Also, with the extra day in town, we arrange a second morning on our balconies overlooking the Running of the Bulls.

Details of your arrangements

4-Night Hotel Stay at our 4 Star property

It’s been a fine tuned process helped by tips from our experienced guides that we believe is the best of both worlds. Hotels located within the party areas are often congested and sleep is hard to find. Our 4-Star hotels are located in Central Pamplona where they are close to the festival, but far enough away that uninterrupted slumber is obtainable. You’ll see what we’ve talking about when you arrive. Check our our options HERE.

For each scheduled group activity, our Staff members will personally escort you from the hotel, including each morning to the VIP viewing balcony. The hotel is equipped with computers and free internet in the lobby, and has single, double, and triple occupancy rooms. Please note that our packages are priced based on double occupancy (two people) per room.


Tapas Happy Hour

On the day of your arrival, our staff will guide your through the city to a hidden gem tucked away in the narrow streets of Pamplona. There, we will sample incredible Spanish tapas and local wines, two things that every trip to Pamplona should include!


Running of the Bulls Balcony

Pamplona Tours has a series of balconies located on Estafeta Street for each of our guests. Each of our guests can experience a glorious morning of witnessing the international phenomenon known as the Running of the Bulls. A Spanish breakfast and drinks are served all morning.


Running of the Bulls Walking Tour

There are 826 meters from the start to the finish of the Running of the Bulls, and we know every inch of it. Join us for an afternoon stroll throughout the course, and learn about the history and pitfalls of this century old tradition.


Bull Fight Tickets

 You will receive tickets for the Bullfights on the Shaded side, traditionally a less boisterous seating area that is preferred from the more seasoned bull fight enthusiasts. Traditional food and drinks are provided to our guests as well.


Farewell Banquet Dinner

Each of our guests is provided a unique evening dining experience during their stay. Complete with traditional dishes and local wines, Pamplona Tours sends you off with an authentic Spanish meal.


Price: $1,995