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Running of the Bulls Course Guide


Calle de Santo Domingo

This is where the action begins. The route goes up Santo Domingo to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, from there the run makes a left turn onto Mercaderes. Santo Domingo is the most dangerous stretch because of the crowds and chaos


Called de Mercaderes

One of the shortest stretches of the run leading to a right turn onto Calle Estafeta. Bulls typically stay to the left side of Mercaderes, taking the right turn wide, making this another very dangerous point.


Calle de la Estafeta

The longest and straightest leg of the course, bulls gain speed, eventually overtaking runners. The Ludus Balcony is located on Estafeta where you’ll have unbeatable views!


Telefonica and Callejon

Telefonica is the short stretch coming after the left off Estafeta. Telefonica leads to Callejon – the final entrance to the bullring.

Interactive Course Map

Our Running of the Bulls GoPro Video

Taken by a staff member at a recent Running of the Bulls, this video gives you an inside view of what it’s like to be on the streets during the running. You can’t watch it and not feel the rush of excitement!