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2022 Opening Ceremony Package

The Chupinazo of the San Fermin Festival

July 5

Welcoming by Tours Staff

P.M. Guided tour of the bull run course by Running of the Bulls veteran, ending with Spanish happy hour with local wine and tapas (or pinchos as they are called in this part of Spain) at Los Burgos de Iruña

July 6

Parade and Ceremonies

Watch the Pamplona Opening Parade and Ceremonies (known as the Chupinazo), from one of our balconies overlooking the Plaza del Castillo.  Throughout the day, celebrations continue until about 5:00 p.m. (well, they go on for about a week!).

That evening, we will enjoy a traditional Spanish Welcome Dinner at a local restaurant

July 7

Running of the Bulls

A.M. Witness the inaugural Running of the Bulls from the Pamplona Tours Balcony on Estafeta Street, Spanish breakfast and drinks included!
P.M. Attend a bullfight at the Pamplona stadium, seated in the sombre (shade)

July 8

Pamplona Tours balcony

A.M. Watch the encierro from the Pamplona Tours balcony, enjoy Spanish breakfast and drinks included, or watch from the Plaza del Toros.

Departure from Pamplona

2022 Opening Festival Packages Include

4 Star properties

3 Nights at one of our 4 Star properties

Happy Hour

Tapas Happy Hour at our favorite Pamplona hangout.

Balcony to watch

Balcony to watch the Running of the Bulls

Ceremonies in Plaza

Opening Ceremonies balcony in the Plaza del Castillo


Banquet dinner


Walking tour

Walking tour of Pamplona and Running of the Bulls route.


Ticket of bull fight

Ticket to a traditional bull fight, including food and drink.

Running of the Bulls

2022 Running of the Bulls T-Shirt, bandana, and event scarf

$2,195 USD per person, based on double occupancy

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Running of the Bulls Opening Package 2022

Please note that this is our most popular package each year, and with many 2020 and 2021 clients rescheduling due to Coronavirus we will only be accepting a handful of additional bookings. We recommend booking as soon as you are ready.

The opening ceremony of the San Fermin festival, known as the Chupinazo, is a spectacle to behold.

From the evening of July 5th up until noon, the city of Pamplona swells in population in anticipation of the stroke of noon. Thousands of excited patrons from all corners of the globe pack into the narrow streets surrounding the Plaza Ayuntamiento in front of Town Hall.

At the strike of noon, the Mayor of Pamplona and members of the Councils step out onto the balcony, causing the crowd to erupt. An announcement is made:

“Pamploneses, Pamplonesas, Viva San Fermín! Gora San Fermín!” This translates to “people of Pamplona, long live San Fermín!”

A rocket is fired into the sky, and the moment it explodes into the Spanish Sky, the square explodes. Hundreds of bottles of Cava are uncorked and sprayed all over the crowd, and the party is officially underway.

We should now mention that this is only halfway through just the first day

The opening days of the San Fermin festival are one-of-a-kind, mainly because of the Chupianazo. In regards to the week long celebration, this portion is always the most attended time during the festival. In turn, it is also the most popular with our guests, so we are limited on how many guests we can host during this stretch of the San Fermin Festival

While each day of the festival contains a magnificent amount of excitement and entertainment, but there is only one day with the opening ceremony.

Why is the opening weekend more expensive?

Regardless of the day of the week the festival begins, the first two days of the San Fermin celebration will be the most attended and boisterous days of the week. Hotel rooms are in higher demand and acquired at higher rates. There is also a one-time event called the Chupinazo, which is an extremely popular event. We host an open house at our balcony to watch some of the debauchery during the opening day. The Running of the Bulls Opening package 2022 will likely sell out before the end of 2021.

Details of your arrangements

3-Night Hotel Stay at our 4 Star property

It’s been a fine tuned process helped by tips from our experienced guides that we believe is the best of both worlds. Hotels located within the party areas are often congested and sleep is hard to find. Our 4-Star hotels are located in Central Pamplona where they are close to the festival, but far enough away that uninterrupted slumber is obtainable. You’ll see what we’ve talking about when you arrive. Check our our options HERE.

For each scheduled group activity, our Staff members will personally escort you from the hotel, including each morning to the VIP viewing balcony. The hotel is equipped with computers and free internet in the lobby, and has single, double, and triple occupancy rooms. Please note that our packages are priced based on double occupancy (two people) per room.


Tapas Happy Hour

On the day of your arrival, our staff will guide your through the city to a hidden gem tucked away in the narrow streets of Pamplona. There, we will sample incredible Spanish tapas and local wines, two things that every trip to Pamplona should include!


Opening Ceremonies

Known as the Chupianazo (sometimes Txupinazo), our guests enjoy the ceremony kickoff from historical Plaza de Castillo. Once the party is started, we host an open house at our Pamplona headquarters on Estafeta. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the chaos below with food and drinks provided.


Running of the Bulls Viewing Balcony

Pamplona Tours has a exclusive private balcony located on Estafeta Street for each of our guests. Each of our guests can experience two glorious mornings of witnessing the international phenomenon known as the Running of the Bulls, including the inaugural run on July 7th. A Spanish breakfast and drinks are served all morning.


Walking Tour of the Running of the Bulls Course

There are 826 meters from the start to the finish of the Running of the Bulls, and we know every inch of it. Join us for an afternoon stroll throughout the course, and learn about the history and pitfalls of this century old tradition.


A Night at the Bull Fights

You will receive tickets for the Bullfights on the Shaded side, traditionally a less boisterous seating area that is preferred from the more seasoned bull fight enthusiasts. Traditional food and drinks are provided to our guests as well. The running of the bulls opening package 2021 includes the first bull fight of the festival.
If you do not feel like the bull fight is for you, let us know and we can remove this portion of your trip.


Authentic Local Dinner

Each of our guests is provided a unique evening dining experience during their stay. Complete with traditional dishes and local wines, Pamplona Tours sends you off with an authentic Spanish meal.


Price: $2,195 USD