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2021 Dead Man’s Curve Balcony Spots

The most dangerous part of the run

Dead Man’s Curve Balcony Spots

Available to Non-Package Buyers March 1, 2021

Witness the most dangerous portion of the Running of the Bulls from just above the chaos!

We are often asked the question, “Where is the best place to watch the Running of the Bulls?” There are a select few viewing angles we would recommend, and one of those is the famous “La Curva.” American Runner Joe Distler, a legend in Pamplona, made this part of the course popular during his annual adventures in the streets.

Pamplona Tours has an incredible balcony location at the corner of Calle de Mercaderes and Calle de Estafeta, known as “Dead Man’s Curve” during San Fermin Festival. As the bulls come charging down the street, there is a 90 degree turn that has unpredictable results.

Sometimes the bulls make the turn, sometime they wipe out, sometimes runners get caught in all of the mess. Enjoy this incredible view with a breakfast in your belly!

We have a magnificent viewpoint of all of this chaos, so choose your date and reserve your spot today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 6 small balconies that hold five people each.

We are located on the 3rd viewing level of the building.

We understandably get this question a lot, and here is our experience. Humans and bulls are about the same height, and since Estafeta Street is long and straight, runners have the best opportunity to run in front and behind the bulls successfully. As the runners surround the bulls, they block everything but the bull horns.

At this particular location, we have had balconies in the past on a lower level, and while the experience was just above the fray, the amount of time our guests could see the bulls was brief. After waiting a few years, we were able to secure a balcony on the 3rd viewing level that would afford a longer viewing experience.

Yes, there is a traditional Spanish breakfast served each morning.

From roughly 7 am until 8:20 Am

We have an informational flyer with everything you need to know. We recommend you join our walking party each morning just to be safe.

Yes, based on availability.

If you book 6 spots or more on a given morning, there is a discounted rate.


Price: $150 USD