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24 hours at San Fermin – what to expect part 1

Let us take you on virtual Pamplona trip for 24 hours – each hour is a day. Spaniards like to stay up late, and during San Fermin, they don’t even bother to go to bed… so let’s start our day at 11pm!

At 11pm (or just before) is the firework display, and it’s quite an impressive one too. If you are going for the first day of the running of the bulls, remember that the party starts the night before.

As soon as the firework display is over, you could try following the crowd – the Spanish will know where to go. However, with so much going on, it might be worth selecting where you want go beforehand. The younger generation heads to Plaza Castillo and the surrounding streets, with live music, discos and street musicians inspiring the inebriated party-goers to move their feet. Bear in mind the fact that the partying won’t stop until 8am, so pace yourself!

The party goes on, read more about how the night continues tomorrow.

Joe Robison

Joe Robison

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