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24 hours at San Fermin – what to expect part 4

  • 5pm – bullfighting in the bullringThe bulls that ran that morning are involved in the evening’s bullfights. You can choose to sit in the sunny side of the arena, where the party is happening (and you will experience some sangria and wine showers every now and then), or you can sit in the shade, where all the native sit that are very serious and focused on the bullfights.We suggest sitting in the sol part, where the party is and the whole crowd seems to be one big group of friends! You will get snacks and drinks from strangers, everyone is so friendly and open, you will experience Spain (or Iruña, Nevarra) from its best side!
  • 11pm – the partying starts again!And the cycle repeats itself…Are you tired yet?You can contact me, I can tell you many more stories about Pamplona or organize your trip so you experience it live! My number is +1 619.664.4158 or email me on (
Joe Robison

Joe Robison

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