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24 hours at San Fermin – what to expect part 3

You survived the night in Pamplona, the sun is up again and the city is getting ready for the Encierro the famous Running of the Bulls. 

  • 7.45am get your camera readyThe action comes thick and fast — the part that you can see from where you are standing only lasts about 10 seconds. The best way to enjoy Encierro is on one of the famous balconies in the old buildings along the Route. Balcony spots are hard to get, that’s why we suggest you book your spot as soon as possible.
  • 8am – enjoy the run!You’ve waited all night for this, so have fun! If this is your first day, don’t run – watch and learn (I actually recommend that you don’t run at all, but who am I to say what to do when you’re there?).
  • 8.15am until 5pm – very little happens!Nothing much happens in Pamplona during the day, as most people are sleeping. Many people sleep in the parks or walk out of the city and find some shade to rest for a few hours.Others are strolling around the market or ride the roller coaster outside the city center.

    If you are planning on running (hopefully you only watched the first time), you should walk the route with someone who has run before.

Joe Robison

Joe Robison

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