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24 hours at San Fermin – what to expect part 2

  • 2am – wanting a place to rest?
    In need of a quiet place to sit down? You won’t find it – everyone will be out on the streets. If you don’t think you can stay up all night, you should Book a Hotel in Pamplona (book direct). Bear in mind that hotels will be booked very far in advance and that in many cases you still won’t get any rest as it will be so noisy outside. If you really need your sleep, consider Ludus’ 4 star option, a 15-20min walk outside the festival.
  • 3am-7am – find a spot to watch the run from
    Unless you want to run with the bulls, you most likely won’t find a spot to see the Encierro anywhere but on a balcony.

Read more about the rest of the morning in our next post!

Joe Robison

Joe Robison

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